Il maestro Miro Persolja durante un vernissage.
Il maestro Miro Persolja durante un vernissage.

At the opening of my solo exhibition in Latisana, Italy, I was surprised when overhearing someone say in Slovenian: “This is my friend Miro”. I looked across to a table laden with exhibition catalogues and to my great delight saw a friend from my younger days, someone I’d not seen for over 30 years. It was a very pleasant surprise for us both. We exchanged a few words and I discovered that his life partner was very talented in painting so I decided to introduce her to the secret of an original painting technique that characterises me. Without even a hint of jealousy, I unveiled to her the diverse range of techniques used, while Emi literally soaked up the knowledge with great attention and feeling. Her imagination, her refined and rich colouring and the newly embraced painting technique had added a new dimension to her paintings. What was most important for me was that I could pave the way for her to become a professional painter. Almost overnight, Emi became a true professional artist, something I am very proud of. She learned from me with dedication and soon came to realise she had within her a creative power of proportions rarely seen in academic painters. Her works are the outcome of her great sensibility, energy, vitality, sensitivity…, her outlook focuses on the future of the world, which is why her paintings evoke a sensation of happiness in the viewer. Emi, I am truly proud I have instilled in you faith and confidence in your own work, in your artistic creativity. I am sure some wise guy will come along who won’t like your paintings. Never mind. Jealousy, envy and malice are parts of our lives, but I can assure you that you are on the right track. It suffices if you pour out your creative power onto canvas. You have entered the world of Slovenian painting and, in the future, you will also be spoken about in the international arena. Listen to yourself, do what you feel and ignore others’ comments.

Your life has not been a bed of roses, but I’m convinced your talent will bring you great joy. This will certainly be the most effective of all therapies. You have finally found what you were looking for. Continue working with your heart, with the great support from your beloved Herman.

With great respect and affection,

Your mentor Miro

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