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Inner transformation
through the soul

Eminjana Emi
Even as a young girl, I was sensitive, gentle, a daydreamer and an individualist, always in love with colours, with nature and the life encompassed by it. Many times I would go alone, just in the company of my dog, into the nearby forest where I was allowed to explore and create my own fairytale world. I found safety in it, allowing my soul to grow and develop. Already then, I’d use crayons and different motives in a desire to capture on paper the world that was revealing itself in front of my eyes.

My passion, the red thread, which marked my life, is a wide range of hues, in which i see the charm of the beauty that give me the inspiration for my fairy tale word and creations.

For as long as I can remember, I have always been drawn into the magical world of nature, impressed by all the phenomena and life in it, as well as into the worlds of art, fashion, crystals and colours...

Criticism of Antonia Maria Pivetta

1. The renowned Italian art critic Vittorio Sgarbi (left) in the company of his friend and colleague Antonio Maria Pivetta (right)


Every one of us lives our own life and, amidst all our everyday realities, we tend to forget about our dreams. Yet when we are caught up in a whirl of despair, our dreams gush up to the surface and are converted into a new reality, into a desire for life, into a declaration of love.

When we find ourselves at an existential crossroads, reflected in a loss of certainty about our own existence underpinned by everything we have experienced before or as a hypothesis of the rational and the conscious or even as an energetic and cosmic continuum post mortem, dreams fuse...


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